Engaged Innovations Inc. (Established 2009)
Finding the hidden gems that others mistakingly drive by.

discover the value


We bring ideas to companies and make them even more successful.

Our vision is to help businesses address their critical issues and challenges by discovering opportunities that foster growth in the short and long term. We help companies by bringing the right professionals, at the right time, with the right solutions.

how we help the hidden gems

We love finding businesses that are better than they think they are, but not as good as they want to be.


Some of the ways we connect companies:

Audit | Tax | Deals

  • Tax (Canadian and US)
  • SR&ED Tax Credits
  • Funding Incentives
  • Maximize EBITDA and Sale of Business
  • Strategy Map
  • Audits and Complex Accounting
  • Valuations, Disputes and Forensics


  • Corporate and Commercial
  • Securities and Financing
  • Charity Law
  • Labour and Employment
  • Immigration
  • Litigation


  • Canadian and US Customs
  • Trade Strategies
  • Consolidation of Shipments


  • Conversion Strategies
  • Currency Management Plan
  • Protecting Profit Margins

Human Resources

  • Recruiting Strategic Resources
  • Leadership and Coaching
  • HR Strategies

Exit Strategies

  • Shareholder Exit Strategies
  • Funding Partner Buy-Outs
  • Fund Taxes on Death

I love grounded, passionate folks.



I am passionate about making companies successful.

Brian DeGagne has mastered the art of connecting professionals to clients who do not know they require them. He spends his days meeting with CEOs who are building world-class brands and helping professionals create a practice and a life they will love.

His roots are in the Prairies, blowing through his mileage allowance on his lease each year, travelling to all the great companies that others fly over or drive around. He digs deep with CEOs through a discovery-based business conversation to problem find and then connects these companies to the passionate professionals with the right secret sauce to solve their issues.

For over 25 years, Brian has developed a trusted advisor approach with hundreds of CEOs, generating ideas and creating unique value-added opportunities for each business that he engages.

Brian earned his Bachelor of Commerce degree in finance and marketing from the University of Manitoba. He has been the Founder and President of Engaged Innovations (DeGagne backwards) since 2009 and has held leadership positions in sales and marketing for over 15 years at global firms such as Deloitte and CIBC, and at Canada Packers (a.k.a. Maple Leaf Foods).

Away from Engaged Innovations, he enjoys honing his photography skills and tackling home improvement projects that are not for the faint of heart.


A simple and effective process.

Engaged Innovations connects you to the right professionals, at the right time, with the right solutions.


Business Conversation

Engage in a discovery-based business conversation with Brian. This conversation takes 30-60 minutes.


Discover Opportunities

Together, we will discover opportunities to foster short- and long-term growth through a process called ACTION.


Deliver Value

Brian attends the meetings with the professionals he connects you with; in fact, he sits on your side of the table!



Follow-up ensures the project is proceeding on time and budget.


Finding hidden gems and providing them with more opportunities and more success.


Results & Value

Delivering value and advancing your business.

By identifying the opportunities and challenges facing your company, Engaged Innovations can provide insights and ideas that will make your company even more successful.

  • Proactive — we deliver results
  • Engaging the CEO/Owner — not another boring meeting
  • Discover opportunities — listen and ask great questions
  • Bring ideas — to help you create a winning culture
  • Care about your success — build trust
  • Helping you focus on your priorities
  • Thinking about your future prospects
  • Our relationship with top tier firms and their people

I always drive to my clients. The journey is part of the process.

Many times I meet with prospective CEOs who would like to be our client, and they ask the same question, "What will you do differently from our current professional firm?" I always answer that we are passionate about bringing value to our clients.


Ask the right questions. Listen to the answers.



One engaged minute with Brian.

Driving Value
What CEO's Don't Say
Your Elevator Speech
Compliance or Commitment
Asking CEO's Great Questions
Prepare for Meetings
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All it Takes is One Inch
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Let's connect and start a conversation.